IEC&A "The Electrical and Electronic Experts"
Investigative Engineering Consultants and Associates

IEC & Associates provides Electrical and Electronic Forensic and Investigative Engineering, Patent Infringement Analysis, Claim Chart Mapping, Reverse Engineering, Product Teardowns, Design Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Expert Witness Services for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Industry and Government. We specialize in electrical and electronic systems, products and devices. Issues addressed include all aspects of the product or system under review or investigation, including design, fabrication, production, operation, failure analysis, reverse engineering, environmental conditions, agency compliance, safety, and product testing of electrical and electronic systems, products and devices as well as computer systems, hardware and software.

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We specialize in Forensic & Investigative Engineering, Patent Infringement Analysis and Expert Witness Services in the areas of Electrical & Electronic Systems, Products and Devices.

Government Services

Capabilities Statement

Our goal is to serve our government clients with answers to their questions and effective solutions to their problems. We are committed to our clients and strive to provide findings, opinions, and reports in an unbiased, prompt and cost effective manner.  We provide a highly diversified one-stop engineering resource tailored to reduce the cost, time and complexity of the analysis and design process.


Company Information

DUNS Number :  793368833

CAGE Code : 4X5K6

Certifications: Professional Engineer



541330 – Engineering Services

541380 – Testing Laboratories

541712 – Research and Development

541690 – Other Scientific and technical Consulting Services

524291  Claims Adjusting

                                       Core Competencies

Forensic Engineering                                     R&D Engineering

- Failure Analysis                                              - Hardware Design

- Reliability                                                       - Software Design

- Reverse Engineering                                        - Power Electronics 

- Nondestructive Testing                                     - Product Compliance & Safety 

- Product Liability                                              - Cost Reduction Analysis

- Fire Cause and Origin                                      - EMC  Design, Compliance and Testing

- Lightning Damage Assessment                        - Patent Infringement Analysis

- Accidents & Personal Injury                             - Design reviews

- Dispute Resolution                                          - Grounding

- Safety Investigations                                        - Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking

                                                                                                - Feedback Control

Past Performance

Forensic and failure analysis:
Boeing Corporation, Ms. Janet Dale - Supplier Management, CFOAM, Ft. Belvoir, VA,  

Contact information is available on request.

Lockheed Martin, Mr. Steve Fairbank, PE - Facilities Engineering  Manager, CFOAM,

Ft. Belvoir, VA, Contact information is available on request.


Contact Information

Main Office/POC                                                  Alternate POC

Mark J. Keith, PE                                                  Charles Mosling                  

Raleigh, NC, 27606                                                Raleigh, NC, 27606

919-413-1290                                                         919-413-1290