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IEC & Associates provides Electrical and Electronic Forensic and Investigative Engineering, Patent Infringement Analysis, Claim Chart Mapping, Reverse Engineering, Product Teardowns, Design Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Expert Witness Services for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Industry and Government. We specialize in electrical and electronic systems, products and devices. Issues addressed include all aspects of the product or system under review or investigation, including design, fabrication, production, operation, failure analysis, reverse engineering, environmental conditions, agency compliance, safety, and product testing of electrical and electronic systems, products and devices as well as computer systems, hardware and software.

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We specialize in Forensic & Investigative Engineering, Patent Infringement Analysis and Expert Witness Services in the areas of Electrical & Electronic Systems, Products and Devices.

Paul D. Franzon, PhD - Principal Consulting Electronic Engineer

Dr. Franzon provides Electrical and Electronic Patent Infringement Analysis, ASIC & SOC  Hardware Design, Nanocomputing, Reverse Engineering, Product Teardowns, Failure Analysis and Forensic and Investigative Research,
services for our clients.

Paul D. Franzon

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Monteith GRC 443

919.515.7351, fax. 919.515.2285
USPS : ECE, Box 7914, NCSU, Raleigh NC 27695
FedEx : Monteith GRC 342, 2410 Campus Shore Dve., Raleigh NC 27606

Dr. Franzon's teaching and research focuses on building microsystems and nanosystems. He specialize in the following areas:

  • Interconnect Structures and Circuits. High-density, high-speed and low-power on-chip and intra-chip interconnect circuits and structures. Applications that benefit from high bandwidth interconnect, and SOP design techniques..
  • Application Specific Processors and Microsystems. ASICs and SOCs with an emphasis on novel hardware algorithms and design methodology. By "microsystems" I am referring to the design, and incorporation non-chip technologies, such as MEMS ("micromachiinng").
  • Nanocomputing. Concepts for computation beyond the end of CMOS scaling. Includes devices, interconnect structures and circuit/architecture concepts.

Dr. Franzon is the director of the Analog Alliance and the Microelectronics Systems Laboratory (MSL). He directs the NCSU Cadence Design Kit, and codirect our Spice to IBIS activity.He is also the Associate Editor ofthe IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, Associate Editor of the ACM Journal of Emerging Technologies for Compuiting, Member of EPEP Technical Program Committee, Member of Technical Program Committee of several one-off or short sequence workshops and conferences

His personal interest include flying (power and glider), Horse Riding, Cycling, White Water Kayaking, occasional skier and diver. He is a former infantry officer and maintain a contiuing interest in military affairs and history.

Brief Biography

Fellow of the IEEE, 2006

He is the director of the Analog Alliance and the Microelectronics Systems Laboratory (MSL). He also directs the NCSU Cadence Design Kit, and codirect. Paul D. Franzon is currently a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia. He has also worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories, DSTO Australia, Australia Telecom, and two companies he cofounded, Communica and LightSpin Technologies Inc. He also severd for 13 yearsin the Australian Army Reserve, in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps, holding ranks from Private to Captain. He has several major research efforts and has published over 200 papers.

Honors and Awards

  • Alcoa Research Award
  • ECE Graduate Teacher of the year award, 2007
  • ECE Teacher of the year award, 2006
  • Alumni Distinguished Professor, 2003
  • ECE Graduate Advisor of the year award, 2006
  • NSW Expatriate Scientist Award, 2003
  • NCSU Academy of Outstanding Teachers, 2001
  • NSF Young Investigators Award, 2003